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Surprised Me!

Wow, for a beginner, this is top quality! Other than the fact that I, personally, would like to see a longer version with more sounds in it, this is really nice!


This is just so...pro. I just wanted to get up and do SOMETHING. Then when the lyrics came in with the main theme an I felt like I could've just sprouted wings right there, flown out of my house, and made the world my domain. It was just so...great. The song alone was basically giving me this feeling that I could do anything, if I strived hard enough at it, and I loved that feeling. I downloaded this, maxed the vote and rating, and have replayed it over a hundred times since i first heard it. I WANT TO HEAR MORE LIKE THIS! Good luck going forward, my friend.

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LK412 responds:

Haha, i really appreciate the kind words.

Thanks a LOT.


Orgasmic DNB loop FTW! :D

Not to rain on your parade but...

This wasn't really a remix...you just kinda took the song and edited it. And not even all of it, just parts of it at that. I give you a 3/5 and a 5/10 just because the echo was pretty XD.

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What in the name of the foresaken HELLS is this supposed to be? And no, I won't let you play in the rain. I'll happily let you drown in the rain though....Like my vote said, I hope you die in a fire.

renzoantwan responds:

Lol! Well thanks for your honesty! Just got to go and do it better!


I've never heard DNB like this before, and I'm liking it. 5/5, 10/10 definitely. Good luck going forward, mate! ^.^

UltimaTricksta responds:

Heh, thanks dude!

Holy crap...

DUDE! Are you serious...This sounds so proffessional, it's like an actual heavy metal band. I have 3 things to say.

1: After hearing this song, Chuck Norris wet his pants.
2:This song is too epic to be put into words.
3:You have got to grab a label from somewhere, bro. With that talent, you'll score big.

Good luck going forward! :D


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My personal favorite. I can almost smell flowers, orchids, roses, and all the rest. Their beautiful smells blend with your beautiful melodies. Absolutely godly. Must be one of your best works yet.

(Congrats on top 5, by the way! ^_^)

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Absolute Respect.

10/10, 5/5, wish I could give it more. The sound of rain and slight wind throughout the song keeps with the title. The rest, well, is just stunning. You never go below our expectations, F-777. I must say, all your past work has been great, your current work is amazing, and I'll place money that all your music to come will be even better. Cheers, my friend! (Just so you know, Mountain Flowers is my personal favorite from you. ^_^)

PS-Imsrykoed, you are an absolute IDIOT. F-777 is one the best, if not the best, audio artists on this site. So just watch who you diss, before you get blackmailed. kthx.

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